How to Make Some Money Without a Job

Buying and selling items online is gaining popularity. I didn’t think I myself could become a seller, until I discovered two websites: Vinted and LetGo.

Vinted is about selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is easy to list items, communicate with potential buyers, and safely transfer funds to your account. This is my favorite platform, because I’ve had success and ease with listing my items quickly and easily and selling them! You can choose to meet up with your buyer if they live near you, or ship your items safely and track their journey.

On LetGo, you can sell pretty much anything! I’ve seen everything from tires to baby clothes. LetGo is much more like Craigslist because you see local listings, and meeting up with your buyer is the only option. If you’re going to meet up with any potential buyer, I recommend bringing a friend with you and telling another person where you will be. Just to be safe.

So now that you know about these sites, what should you sell?

I have a lot of stuff that I don’t need. I buy a lot of jewelry and clothes that sit in my closet, gathering dust. I firmly believe that it’s much better for something to find a good home with someone else than for it to sit on a shelf! I clean out my closet on a regular basis, and I don’t feel a lot of sentimentality towards items. If you struggle with parting with things, look at something and try asking yourself:

1.) How do I use this? When do I use it?
2.) Does it make me happy?
3.) Does having it add anything to my life?

If you struggle to come up with these answers, it might be time to turn that item into spending money!

So now that you’ve got an item or two, or a whole bag, that you want to sell, how should you go about selling them?

1.) Start with a descriptive title. Instead of “sweatshirt,” what about “Cozy, Oversized Gray Hoodie.”
2.) Take good pictures! Use natural lighting when you can. Find a nice clean space on your wall, or on the back of a door. Stick a nail or a command hook up there, and you’re good to go! Model your items or put them on a hanger to hang on the nail/hook. If you’re feeling really ambitious, stage your items! You could lay an outfit that your item would complete, a plant, and perhaps an accessory on  a table and really showcase how great your item is. Be careful if you use filters or edit your photo, because buyers might think your item looked different than how it was advertised.
3.) Give your item a good description. What is it? Does it have any cool features (e.g., detachable hood, it’s reversible, it’s limited edition, etc.)? Are there any flaws, rips, stains, or anything of the like? Is it super comfy? Is it oversized or a little small for it’s size? All of this is important!
4.) Be positive and don’t give up. It took me a while to make my first sale, but when I did, I was so happy!
5.) Consider starting a companion account, like an Instagram, to showcase available fashions. Get the word out that you’re selling awesome, affordable, pre-loved clothing!

Happy Selling! Comment your screen name for either of these websites below and I’ll follow you! 🙂



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