What You Post Matters: Positivity in Action

When you’re scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed (or checking out another social media platform), do you ever see something that makes you feel anxious or sad? It seems like there’s far more bad news than good news out there lately, but that’s really not the case.

I believe that everyone should educate themselves about current events, but do not succumb to fear tactics. Don’t be afraid. Be excited to change the world in wonderful ways. Stand together. Reach out to people and spread the love.

Did you know what you post on social media matters? A study showed that if you post something positive on Facebook, your friends are more likely to post something positive, too?

I’m planning on posting a positive picture (like a motivational quote or a picture of a cute animal!) on my timeline every day for an indefinite amount of time. If it makes one person smile, it will be totally worth it to me.

Want to do the same? Here are some great positive places for you to check out! 🙂

1.) Huffington Post Good News 

Stay informed and hopeful.

2.) Postive quotes! 

So many quotes!!! Words are powerful.

3.) 50 Things That Make Life Happy 

4.) 28 Things That Will Make You Impossibly Happy No Matter Your Mood 

5.) The 35 Happiest Things That Have Ever Happened 

6.)  my personal favorite: This List of Beautiful Things That Happened in 2016 

Stay positive. Stay supportive. Stay sane.



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