Spend to Save: Organizations That Want to Make the World A Better Place

If you love shopping as much as I do, you’ll love these organizations that give back to different charities and non-profit organizations with every purchase you make! Treat yourself or buy something sweet for a loved one knowing that you’re making a great choice! (Feel free to also check out a post I wrote around the holidays about gift giving to see even more organizations that give back!).

1.) BoxLunch
BoxLunch provides meals for folks in need through Feeding America! Buy an awesome pop culture gift and help someone get fed.

2.) To Write Love on Her Arms 
“To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery.”  TWLOHA donates to mental health organizations, aims to destroy the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses, and help struggling folks recovery. Support them by buying one of their clothing items or accessories.

3.) Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand sells a variety of soaps, candles, lotions, and more! They are environmentally friendly, and donate a bar of soap for every one that’s bought to underserved communities in the developing world and also build wells!

4.) Kammock
Kammock sells equipment to explore the great outdoors! They are a member of 1% for the Planet, and use some of their profits to fund environmental stewardship and leadership programs for young adults.

5.) Pura Vida Bracelets
Pura Vida jewelry is handcrafted in Costa Rica. Not only does this company provide employment opportunities for artisans, but it also donates its proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations. You can even shop by the cause you’d like to donate to: animal awareness, cancer awareness, conditions, education & children’s causes, environmental causes, memorial causes, women’s causes, and military/service causes.

6.) WeWOOD
WeWOOD sells watches made of reclaimed wood, and for every watch sold they plant a tree! Their watches are stylish, free from chemicals, and really lightweight. Look stylish and live sustainably.

7.) Better Life Bags
Better Life Bags helps women in poverty in Detroit, Michigan, USA by giving them employment opportunities, skills, and compassion in order to help them “succeed in life, family, and friendship.” You can even design your own custom-made bag!

8.) The Beaver Creek Candle Company 
The Beaver Creek Candle Company employs folks with developmental disabilities, and these employees love their jobs. Buy a beautiful, high quality, great-smelling candle and support this awesome company.

9.) Ivory Ella 
Ivory Ella is a well-known company. Their main mission is to save elephants, but they have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a variety of charities! Buy something with an adorable elephant on it and know that you’re giving to great causes.

10.) One Hope
Do you like wine? Do you like coffee? Do you like either or both of those things? Shop One Hope! They contribute to a variety of fantastic causes by planting trees, providing kids with Autism with therapy, feeding the hungry, and much, much more.

11.) Baby Teresa 
Do you have a small human or know someone who does? Buy them something from Baby Teresa! Each romper sold means that one will be donated to a baby in need, and any accessories sold contribute to donations for formula in orphanages.

12.) The Company Store 
Need an extra comfy comforter? Buy one from The Company Store, and a comforter will be donated to a homeless child!

13.) Skyline Socks
Pick a city, pick some socks, pick a place to donate to, and boom: someone in that city now has warm feet! In other words, if you buy a pair of socks from Skyline Socks, they’ll donate a pair to someone in need in the major city of your choosing.

14.) Sevenly 
Another company where you can shop by cause (Autism, refugees, empowering women, education, abolition, the great outdoors, hope>cancer, and veterans/the military)! Sevenly’s products are beautifully designed and help benefit a variety of causes. Do good and look good doing it.

15.) Roma
Need some boots? For every pair of Roma boots you buy, a pair is donated to a child in need. They also have a charitable organization that helps children in poverty receive an education. They have a wide variety of stylish boots to choose from, too!

16.) 7 Gum
Whenever you buy a pack of 7 Gum, the company donates money to one of seven causes: hope for peace, heal the sick, teach them well, quench the thirsty, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and save the Earth.

17.) WakaWaka 
Here comes the sun. WakaWaka wants to make solar power accessible for all people. Buy a solar-powered product (like a flashlight or a phone charger!), and WakaWaka will be able to provide solar power to people without access to other forms of electricity, like Syrian refugees. What a bright idea.

18.) Flex Watches
Flex Watches donates to a variety of great causes, when you buy time-teller! Support the arts, provide people with clean water, help plant trees, help stop bullying, and much more through this organization.

19.) Article 22
Help clean up Laos, Vietnam by buying accessories! These beautiful items are made of recycled metal from bombs that did not detonate. By purchasing from this company, you’re giving job opportunities to artisans and cleaning up debris from Laos.

20.) BOGO Bowl 
Buy a bag of all-natural pet food, and BOGO Bowl will donate food to pets in shelters.

21.) PBS Kids
Buy a gift for a kiddo you love and help PBS to continue to provide, fun, beloved, educational programming for children across America.

22.) National Wildlife Federation
Buy something from the National Wildlife Federation and help protect animals’ habitats!

23.) Mitscoots
Buy an item of clothing or an accessory from Mitscoots and an item of equal quality will be donated to someone in need. What’s more, the company is staffed by people transitioning out of homelessness.

24.) One World Play Project 
Buy an eco-friendly soccer ball or dog toy and someone else in need will get one, too! Play is powerful.

25.) Feed Projects 
Buy a bag, accessory, or clothing item from Feed Projects, and they will provide people in need with: school meals, micronutrients, nutrition for families, Vitamin A, or emergency relief.

26.) Smile Squared
Buy a toothbrush and a child who needs one will get one, too! What’s even more awesome is that part of their profits also go to providing children with life-threatening illnesses and their families with life-changing adventures.

27.) Warby Parker
Buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses, and they will donate a pair to someone in need! They also educate people in the developing world about how to conduct eye exams and sell glasses affordably.

28.) Twice as Warm
Buy something to keep you warm in the winter, and Twice as Warm will donate a hat or mittens to someone in need. Stay warm inside and out!

29.) Better World Books
Buy a book from Better World Books, and a book will be donated to someone in need. Better World Books also raises money for libraries and literacy initiatives and recycles books that can no longer be read. I recently bought a book from them through Amazon Smile and I would highly recommend them.

30.) Out of Print
Buy something from Out of Print and support literacy initiatives in underserved communities. They have awesome clothing and accessories featuring books and authors you adore.

31.) Society B
Every purchase with Society B means giving back! Help fight human trafficking, feed the hungry, and more! You’re sure to get a great item, too!

32.) Figs
Do you ever wear scrubs or know a healthcare professional who does? Get stylish, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, lightweight, and overall fantastic scrubs from Figs. For each set you buy, a set is donated to a healthcare professional somewhere in the world who needs them!

33.) Faucet Face
Tap water is NOT inferior to bottled water, and Faucet Face wants to spread the word! Buy a beautiful glass water bottle from Faucet Face and help provide safe, reliable water filtration to people in need.

34.) Yoobi
Yoobi makes school and office supplies! For every purchase you make, Yoobi will donate school supplies to a child who needs it in the United States. Their items are affordable, brightly-colored, and just plain wonderful.

35.) Diff
Buy a pair of sunglasses, and Diff will donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in Africa who needs them. See? Giving back is a win-win.

– Miscellaneous Extras –

  • Check out products you can buy to lessen your environmental impact. 
  • Download this app, and $0.25 will be donated to a charity of your choice for every mile you walk or run! 
  • Shop UNICEF’s market to save children’s lives and help create job opportunities for people around the world. 
  • Check out how you can help Trees for the Future
  • Shop with PETA  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
  • Shop NPR and support National Public Radio 

Know an organization that should have been included in this list? Tell me about it in the comments!

Thanks for reading! 🙂







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